How it Works

We at Taisha really appreciate the immense support you showed towards our bonus round

Work Process

We’ve built a platform to buy and sell shares.

This website aims to reach every peer existing and to exist in the world and add value in their life leveraging blockchain technology. Discover an array of projects devised by dynamic thinkers and technologically sound entities to bring positive reinforcement in the global transacting, Interacting, and working system.

Best Features

Blockchain Games
Blockchain Games

Taisha is gaming token mined to fund blockchain gaming and introduce high-tech multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games.

Affix System
Affix System

Using Affix System, an investor can hold limited worth of Taisha Token in a single wallet until the conclusion of Private Sale.


We'll distribute 5% of the liquidity acquired at the dusk of Private Sale and IDO sale to Covid relief programs & NGOs.

Code Audit
Code Audit

Comprehensive analysis of the token's code ensuring safety.

Legitimate Team
Legitimate Team

Seasoned and passionate players from all across the globe working towards a singular vision.

Practical Use Case
Practical Use Case

The funds acquired by distribution of token will be reinvested to build DApps, Global Brands, TaishaEx and Utilities.

The Timeline

Token Sale

  • Total Supply: 11.5 cr
  • -
  • Initial Burned: 30 Lakh
  • =
  • Available Supply: 11.5 Cr
  • Lock In 5 Years: 2 Cr
  • Private Sale: 10 Lakh
  • Innovation Projects: 10 Lakh
  • Team & Advisor: 50 Lakh
  • Advance Ecosystem: 30 Lakh
  • Bounty & Airdrop: 10 Lakh
  • Marketing: 1 Cr

Revenue Stream

Frequently Asked questions

What is Taisha Coin?

Taisha is a decentralised cryptocurrency..

What do you mean by "decentralised"?

Taisha is not run by any individual company or person. Technically speaking, it operates according to rules agreed by consensus, rather than decided upon by some founding or owning entity.

What do you mean by "cryptocurrency"?

A cryptocurrency is a digital currency that is secured by cryptography, in contrast to conventional (fiat) currencies where they are secured by a government or governments.

Okay, but what does that mean?

It means you don't have to trust any central organisation or person the way you would a bank, but also that you have to be your own bank. The developers can't seize your funds, but they also can't return them if you send them to the wrong address.

So who does run Taisha?

No-one, or everyone does equally, depending how you look at it. The developers can release new software, but the community have to choose to use that software. That community includes not just the end-users, but miners, exchanges, payment processors, etc. Typically the community does adopt new software we release because we have an established track record, but there's no special access we have.

I sent my Taisha to the wrong address, or I sent Taisha to a correct address, expecting goods or a payment in return, and have not received anything back - can you help in either case?

Sadly, no in both cases. As noted above, Taisha is a decentralized project and the developers working on the project have no special access or ability to reverse transactions or recover funds. If you feel you have been mislead or wronged in a transaction involving Taisha, you should consult the relevant authorities in respect of the parties, exchanges, wallets or other services you dealt with.

Can you reset my two factor authentication?

We do not run any of the services which you log into, you would need to contact the service in question.

I lost my wallet/private key, what do I do now?

In many cases we discover people have backups they've forgotten about, checking old systems or thumb drives for copies is a good idea. If the keys are entirely lost, however, there is no way to recover them. Please back up your keys regularly.

How do I use/accept Taisha?

We do not have the resources to verify service providers, so avoid making recommendations ourselves, but there is a list of both shops and payment processors

Would you like to hear my business idea?

We are an open source project, not a business - so no, thank you.

Would you like paid advertising?

We are an open source project, not a business - so no, thank you.

Who do I talk to about listing Taisha?

You do not need our permission to list Taisha. If you require business details for licensing, please note we are not a business and have no registered legal entity or address. If this is a challenge, consider who you would talk to about listing Bitcoin.

Why has my trade not gone through?

The developers are not running an exchange, nor do we license exchanges, you would need to talk to the exchange in question.